With a strike by college faculty across Ontario underway, including at Algonquin College, there is more need than ever for students to have access to news.

Normally this information would be provided by Algonquin’s journalism students, who run the Algonquin Times newspaper. But the Students’ Association, which owns the Times, instructed the newspaper to be closed in the event of a strike.

This move broke precedent, as the newspaper had continued to publish and even print hard copy papers during the last faculty strike in 2006.

Although we cannot publish under the official Algonquin Times banner, we have launched this website to continue providing up-to-the-minute news and information for both students and staff at Algonquin College.

— Algonquin journalism students

Dennis St. Pierre, editor

Acton Clarkin, managing editor

Stuart Kite, design editor

Jon Mulvihill, visuals editor

Devyn Barrie, campus government editor

Kelly Anne Speagle, social media editor

David Smith, opinion editor

Lucia Gallardo, business, innovations and careers editor

Kory Glover, arts and entertainment co-editor

Mary Jheran, arts and entertainment co-editor

Elizabeth Munro, sports co-editor

Hallé Myles, sports co-editor

Howard Martin, features co-editor

Holly Menchetti, features co-editor

Jessica Kurchaba, security and crime editor

Michael Clarke, Glue magazine editor

Amber Provencal, Glue magazine managing editor

Rebecca Atkinson, Glue magazine visuals editor

Jean-Daniel Potie, Sweat magazine editor

Zach Mulder, reporter

Frank Talwar, reporter

Cameron Keighley, reporter

Shane Plumb-Saumure, reporter